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Living room amenities

At the Hotel San Fernando Plaza we have seven meeting rooms named after some of the most beautiful trees found in nature.  We offer top notch catering from talented professionals who can make any event a success.  We reach new heights of excellence with our event amenities available for social and corporate occasions.  Enjoy our luxury linens and table settings as well as a full range of audiovisual technology aids. We also offer varied menu and beverage options along with our efficient staff. We can also provide such additional services as: teleconfere, various lighting options and special sound options.

Salon Ceibas

An excellent alternative for any occasion from social to corporate parties and events.  We offer you the opportunity to enjoy spaces of different sizes where you can host seminars, workshops, symposiums, meetings, board meetings, and social events like weddings, Sweet 15 parties, first communions and all types of celebrations. This practical space has three modular units that allow you to adjust their size to fit your event needs depending on the amount of guests you are having.

Without using our modular units, salon Ceibas offers a capacity for 180 people

In an auditorium setting. In a classroom setting we can accommodate 120 people. For parties and banquets we can house approximately 140 people.

Ceibas 1, Ceibas 2, and Ceibas 3 are the names of the room when the room is separated into modular units. Each of these rooms individually can house 60 people in an auditorium setting and 40 people in a classroom setting. Salon Ceibas is a great choice because of its versatility and allows you to customize your event depending on your needs and the number of guests you will be accommodating.

Salon Corales

Salon Corales is special for its generous spaces that allow you to play with space in order to take advantage for the best party layout. Capacity is 200 people in an auditorium setup and 120 people in a classroom setting. With a banquet style set up we can accommodate up to 100 people. For parties, we can comfortably house 120 people.

Salón Palma Azul

This salon is characterized by its fresh and casual atmoshphere. It is located on the eight-floor close to the spectacular pool area of the hotel. You can have conferences in an auditorium setting for 180 people.  In our classroom setting we can house 100 people surrounded by or terrace that houses another 350 people for parties or celebrations and 450 people for a cocktail party.


In the Vip Room located on the 17th floor of the Hotel San Fernando Plaza, the user also has a quiet area for work or rest, you can count on computers of the latest generation and printer with Internet access, you can also watch your TV program favorite flat screen 55 “HD with satellite signal or just work alone or in a group, in a separate room with a spectacular terrace set by the imposing view of the Valley of Aburrá – Medellin,” The most innovative city. “